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With the Blockenomics membership, you’ll have access to your very community of experts and like minded people who want to benefit from Crypto Currencies.  Plus, you get access to the latest news (and much more) via your own Members Only portal.

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Welcome from Mark Lyford,  –  founder of Blockenomics. 

Mark is an entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in business. He is a self taught marketer with a wide range of online business experience. Mark has lived in multiple places around the world including South Africa, the USA, the Bahamas and the UK.
Dedicated to his business goals, Mark currently focuses on Crypto Currency and Blockchain consultancy. He has attended several international events as a guest speaker. With a team of loyal people behind him, Mark is focusing on helping entrepreneurs, businesses and governments globally to embrace the tremendous potential Blockchain and Crypto Currencies have to changing the world. 

I started this group because I was sick and tired of the B.S. I kept hearing from so-called experts talking about Crypto Currencies!

Let's Cut The Crap!

I’ve been in the Crypto Currency business for over 6 years now. I’ve made and lost a lot of money. I’ve made thousands a day trading millions of dollars of Bitcoin and Altcoins monthly. I’m a trader and OTC broker. I’ve seen it all, been there and got many T-shirts during my time. 

If You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Not Knowing What To Do To Become Successful with Crypto Currency, You Don't Have To Be...

Not anymore.

With the Blockenomics Membership, you’ll have direct access to some of the best experts in the industry, giving you a big advantage in the highly competitive world of Crypto Currency. With our proven track record in Crypto education, we can help you understand the nature of this area, how things work and, more importantly, how to make them work for you.


We have hundreds of resources to help you with your Crypto investments, portfolio and education. You get access to all of our products via our membership portal.


Join our community of hundreds of Crypto enthusiasts, investors, traders and experts. Our growing community is at the centre of what we are all about. 

Expert Panel

We have some of the best experts in the industry. You get direct access to them and their knowledge.


We are strong believers in Crypto eduction. You get access to all our basic education resources and discounts on all our products. Our products are no fluff and give you the real information you need.

Pro Group

Access to our professional Blockenomics group for paid members only. This group is the hub of information we give you. We have a mobile app that enables you to access information and updates on the go.

Trade Alerts

Get instant trade alerts for all trade opportunities and Crypto news. We offer instant push notifications via our mobile and desktop apps to give you instant alerts on time sensitive information.

And that's not all.

This membership is something I wish was available to me when I first started in Crypto. To ensure you have absolutely everything you need to succeed, I have packed our Blockenomics portal with every resource I have – Mark Lyford.

Blockenomics Crypto Database

We currently have a database of 2,157 Blockchain Companies, 1,952 ICO Companies, 131 Crypto Exchanges, 500 Crypto Journalists, 110  Crypto Reddit Groups, 158 Crypto Investors, 205  News Outlets, 234 Crypto Events, 760 Crypto Facebook Groups, 100 Crypto Telegram Groups. Our databases are updated every week.

Telegram & Pro Member Channels

We have dedicated Telegram and Pro Membership channels allowing you to get instant updates to your mobile and PC. Our Telegram channel gives you instant trade alert updates and important updates. Our Pro Membership channel allows you to talk to our experts and other members. We have dedicated software to run our Pro groups which allow you to have all membership communication in one place.

Member Support

We have dedicated support channels within our Pro group in addition to real time live chat. Support is everything to us. We believe if you are looked after, you will succeed. And your success is what we care about.

Right now, you can try it out for FREE for 14 days.

Crypto Currencies are here to stay and we have only just begun on this journey.

This membership is everything you need to learn, earn and succeed in the new world of Crypto.

You may have missed out on buying Bitcoin for $100 each or Ethereum for $10 each. Maybe you think you have missed the boat? Well let me tell you. Crypto Currencies are right now where the Internet was 20 years ago. This is just the beginning. Over the coming years we will see massive shifts in the Crypto Currency markets and things are only just getting started!


Here's how it works...

We believe in simplicity. That’s why we keep our membership super simple! You sign up today for a 14-day FREE trial. You see everything we offer and then, after 14 days, we will start your paid membership. We know you will love what we offer and will want to stay, but if, for some reason, your membership is not for you, you simply cancel your membership (One click of a button to do this) and you will not be charged a penny. 


What People say about Mark and Blockenomics.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say a great job on the Crypto Starter Manual! I loved how you simplify things so my grandmother could understand. For anyone who has been hearing about bitcoin and cryptocurrency but is stuck on the sideline watching the game, make sure you get your grubby little hands on Mark’s Crypto Starter Manual now!”

Dan Brown

“The guide I wish I’d had when I first got involved in cryptocurrency. Mark simplifies what cryptos are and how they work. I look forward to being part of his Blockenomics group.”

Blake Henegan 

’The Crypto Starter Manual is a great way to discover the Crypto Currency environment and is an excellent guide to get a lot of information about the technology behind these crypto currencies and its uses cases. It’s a perfect guide to decide whether or not you would like to invest in Crypto Currencies and how to invest in them properly and safely.’’

Matthijs Aardema

“If you need to know about Crypto, Mark is the man to talk to. Mark has created an amazing manual on Crypto that discusses what it is, what type of coins are out there, what the technology is about, what you need to know about mining and more. If you have even the slightest interest in Crypto you need to pick this up …”

Richard Butler

Mark has seen a lot of aspects of Bitcoin and Crypto, over the last few years, with its ups and downs. This guide shows his knowledge and touches on tons of the aspects of Crypto, to give a decent overview of many parts of it – well put together for newbies and a good refresher for those of us who are already adopters.“

Mark Dale

Mark explains the complicated and intricate world of cryptocurrencies in a clear and concise manner. The difficult technical explanations are left behind, which makes this the perfect beginners manual for everyone who is interested in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Risks and rewards are clearly clarified, something a lot of guides tend to leave out. This is a great starting guide for anyone who is looking to get into cryptocurrencies and blockchains in general.”

Jan Schets

“The strategies Mark teaches are very simple but incredibly effective… with a knack for making money against the odds, Mark shares information in an easy to understand way – anyone can follow! He really wants to make it easy for anyone to replicate his success. He has a refreshingly down to earth approach, which is unusual online”

Pete Craig

“Mark is a 100% straight shooter, telles it like it is and goes oiut of his way to put other people first including his business partner and most impoirtantly, his customers. He has a great knowledge of crypto curencies and is someone you can do business with, with total peace of mind. If you’re looking to be successful, then look no further.”

Simon Hodgkinson

Let’s break it all down.


You get access to all the above for FREE for 14 Day to test drive our membership!

You’d actually be crazy not to 🙂



So, what happens after 14 days?

After 14 days we will charge your card $100 and then $100 per month 30 days after. You can cancel anytime for any reason.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your membership just inform us and we will cancel your membership and issue you a full refund for the month.

What’s next?

The time is now. It’s up to you. I believe our Blockenomics membership offers the best value for money to anyone interested in investing and learning about cryptocurrencies. You have nothing to lose by taking our membership and giving us a go. Start now and see what we offer.