Blockenomics was founded in 2015 in response to the increasing demand for Crypto Currency and Blockchain services. Owned by Mark Lyford, the company has now developed an international client base. Read more about Mark below.

Mark Lyford - Founder of Blockenomics

Mark is an entrepreneur with over 27 years’ experience in business and over 10 years in crypto. He is self taught with a ride range of online business experience. Mark has lived in multiple places around the world including South Africa, the USA, the Bahamas and the UK.
* Dedicated to his business goals, Mark currently focuses on Crypto Currency and Blockchain consultancy. He has attended several international events as a guest speaker. With a team of loyal people behind him, Mark is focusing on helping entrepreneurs, businesses and governments globally to embrace the tremendous potential Blockchain and Crypto Currencies have to changing the world. 
* Mark is an author of multiple books covering his life, marketing, online business and, most recently, Crypto Currencies. 
* Mark lives with his girlfriend Gabi in the UK and is planning to relocate back to the Bahamas to further his crypto business. He has two children, James (22) and Alexander (18).
Our most recent projects include:
* Consultant and advisor on a major over-the-counter (OTC) Crypto Currency Exchange launched in May 2019. The Exchange supports over 10,000 existing customers and include the ability for its customers to trade over 60 crypto currencies, 6 fiat currencies, gold and silver.
* Published “Crypto Starter Manual – A guide to Blockchain and Crypto Currencies” designed to introduce beginners to the world and potential of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology. 
* Launched the enhanced version of – a Blockchain and Crypto Currency news site providing up to date latest news from around the world.
* Creator of an online portal membership site providing members with real time market information and latest news for major Crypto Currencies.
* Finalising the publishing of his latest book, Blockenomics. Providing a history of the origins of money and how Crypto Currencies, combined with the Blockchain technology, will change the world of finance and industry as we know it.