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“Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology are changing finance and the world as we know it. The Time Is Now to get involved and be part of the change “

– Mark Lyford

Welcome To Blockenomics

Blockeconmics is a leading Blockchain consultancy company. We provide real world solutions for real businesses. With over 10 years experience in Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain business we are well positioned to help you build and grow your business.
We offer multiple Blockchain solutions which allow a variety of bespoke options to suit your business requirements. One of the solutions we offer is capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second.
Here at Blockenomics we are all about building win-win long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This means we won’t build unnecessary products that don’t suit the long term potential of your business or project.

Our headquarters are in Leicestershire in the UK and we provide services to clients across the Globe.  

We provide a range of consulting services for Bitcoin, Crypto Currency and Blockchain from world class experts. In addition, we are able to assist with training of people, research and marketing of your own Blockchain project. 
Blockchain technology is constantly changing and developing and will be seen in mainstream business and finances within a few years.  

Blockchain is the core technology behind Bitcoin. At its heart is a distributed data store. Anyone who participates in the Blockchain network has their own data store that stores all of the transactions that ever happened on the network (this is also known as the “distributed ledger”). 

Entries are stored within a cryptographic chain of blocks. At every stage, the network of participants must agree about the latest block of transactions. Agreement is reached through a process of majority consensus, eliminating duplicate entries, double spending etc. This process and the cryptographic layering of the blocks makes the agreed Blockchain irreversible and immutable. The ‘history’ of events within the Blockchain cannot be modified by any one of the participants without majority consensus from the group.

Private Blockchains are deployed either within an organisation, or shared between a known group of participants. Private Blockchains can be limited to a predefined set of participants. In this case, no one else can access the Blockchain or the data residing in the Blockchain. 

Yes, we provide training for all elements of Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain subjects. We hold regular seminars and workshops and speak at many external seminars worldwide. 

Mining is used as proof of work for participants in the Blockchain. Whenever a block of transactions is to be agreed, every participating node attempts to ‘mine’ the block (a mathematical algorithmic process that requires extensive CPU capacity). In public Blockchains successful mining is rewarded with a Crypto Currency token.

A Smart Contract is code that is deployed to the Blockchain. Each smart contract contains code that can have a predefined set of inputs. Smart contracts can also store data. Following the distributed model of the Blockchain, Smart Contracts run on every node in the Blockchain, and each contract’s data is stored in every node. This data can be queried at any time. Smart Contracts can also call other Smart Contracts, enforce permissions, run workflow logic, perform calculations etc. Smart Contract code is executed within a Blockchain transaction – so the data stored as a result of running the Smart Contract is part of the Blockchain’s immutable ledger.

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